Mellow night pt.1

Someone here is missing.


i understood
i couldn’t face the world,
so i made the structure of my bones
the only place i could call home.

i started building castles with towers
not out of stones,
but rather,
out of the every single imperfection of mine
every single mistake i’ve made.

apologies unsaid,
promises unkept,
smoke in my lungs,
razor blades in my hands,
scratches on my ribs,
scars on my wrists,
blood in my veins -
all these
are the only belongings
i have.


•Title: How Does It Feel?
•Artist: Citizen
•Played: 2381 times

Nostalgic mood.


Jason Aalon Butler. In the past year I have toured more with Jason and his band Letlive than any other band. I met Jason while on tour with The Devil Wears Prada a while back and ever since then we’ve just kept in touch. I’m real honored to have Jason be willing to pose with the #suicide sign because if there’s one person that’s passionate about life is Him. Whether on stage or off he understands what a rare opportunity it is to live on this planet and that it shouldn’t be thrown away. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Jason or watch his band play I strongly recommend you do, It will seriously reignite your passion for music, life and people.

•Title: I'm Already Gone
•Artist: A Day to Remember
•Played: 1583 times


Fuck you if you say that quidditch doesn’t exist.


Ready for the job interview #1 and #2.

letlive. at Vogue Theatre

Find me in the crowd!

Taking a beach célfie to the whole new level ✌️


Jeremy McKinnon and the suicide sign. Ive been real excited to post this photo and I’m glad the time has finally come to do so. Jeremy here is the singer of a band called A Day To Remember and the way this photo came to be is one of my favorites. Okay, so pretty much it all started with my good friend Adam. I’ve known Adam for years now and he has always been extremely encouraging. Aside from being an all around rad dude, he also works closely with bands like the one Jeremy here is in. One day Adam just hits me up out of the blue and says “gonna come find you tomorrow with Jeremy. Have the suicide sign”. When Adam sent me this he was in Canada so at first I was a bit confused. After asking a few questions I found out that a band called Linkin Park was playing a show on the tour I was on and they had personally requested for Jeremy to be there. Adam was asked by Jeremy to document his experience and so they were both flying to meet up with the tour I was on to make this happen (hope I haven’t lost you guys with all this talk). Fast forward to the next day and just like he said, Adam found me and introduced me to Jeremy. The whole thing couldn’t have gone any better if we had wanted it to. Chemistry was rad and just after a few minutes of hanging this photo you see here was taken. I’m beyond grateful to both Jeremy for wanting to be part of this and to Adam for just spreading the word about this project. What started out as just a cardboard with some words has slowly taken a life on it’s own and I couldn’t be more stoked. Really blessed to have the friends and support that I do, thank you all so much.


Crazy makeup challenge?

Done ✔️

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Today we found a used bookstore. Now it’s my favourite place to hang out!